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Studying a ‘Mickey Mouse’ degree!

Disclaimer: I’m gonna admit this is a tad bit of a rant and a personal vendetta against all of the people that have asked, ‘Do you even study a real degree?’

In one of my first lectures of semester two, my lecturer referred to our Media, Communications and Cultures degree as a ‘Mickey Mouse’ degree. After having the ‘is it even a real degree’ conversation with more people than I would like to count, I suddenly felt uneasy that my own lecturer was having pretty much the same conversation with us.

I’m sure anybody studying any kind of creative degree has also had the same question posed to them, ‘is it even a real degree?’ And I’m sure I aren’t the only person who has questioned this themselves after being asked it so many times. But why should we? Why should we sit and be told we aren’t studying a real degree just because it is creative?

We pay the same as everybody else for our studies. We have to sit through lectures, seminars and tutorials just like everybody else. We have to write essays with an accumulation of thousands of words and even possibly have exams just like everybody else. In some cases, have to create actual and physical pieces of art that may take up a heck of a lot of time and effort, stopping you from seeing the outside world for a few weeks or months even.

Personally, studying a media and communications degree I like to answer the question with another question, ‘do you use any social media sites?’ or ‘do you watch television?’ both things that people from my course can take up careers in. Things that people use every single day. All of the adverts you see on bus stops, all of the films and television shows you just can’t get enough of, coverage of the euros and anything else you can think of that includes media, wouldn’t be possible without people that have studied creative degrees and worked their buts off in their degree to be where they are.

Creative courses lead to so many different possibilities and career choices. The course itself requires a lot of a students time and requires them to be good at writing, something that isn’t necessarily a quality most people possess. It isn’t just watching films and talking about films like people suggest. Trust me,

It’s becoming more and more difficult to study and be creative when we have people criticising us and suggesting that what we are studying isn’t worth our time, our effort or our money.

All degrees are worth it. All degrees matter.

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