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Reykjavik Trip Review

Reykjavik Trip Review

Written by Courtney Laird

As I stepped off the plane in the early hours of Friday morning and arrived into Iceland, I was dramatically smacked in the face, the extreme climax change was not one I was prepared for. The mist and sunrise combined with the vibrant chilled city morning life was also not something I was prepared for, it was absolutely gorgeous and nothing like I had ever seen before. As the day went on and I attacked my body with several thermal layers; I begin to gather the feeling in my hands and feet back again and embraced the very unusual quirky surroundings. The graffiti artwork was fantastic and the architecture was brilliant. One of the first things we spotted on the first day was the parish church, otherwise known as the ‘Hallgrimskikja’. This is classed as being one of the main landmark’s of Reykjavik. The peak of the church can be spotted from almost anywhere in the city and the views gathering from the top floor of this are phenomenal.

On the second day of our long weekend we payed to go on the 45 minute bus journey to the Blue Lagoon, this was an experience in its self and an absolute oasis of relaxation. Being one of the 25 wonders of the world, developed through nature and science, the Blue Lagoon is a once in a lifetime opportunity to bath in the blue geothermal seawater. It just so happened that whilst we were there we got to enjoy the Imagine Peace light illumination, this is a bright blue beacon of light, the quote ‘Imagine Peace’ is inscribed in 24 different languages created by Yoko Ono to celebrate John Lennon’s birthday, as he would have been 67 years old on the day it was created. Ten years down the line and the ceremony is lived on.

Sadly, we didn’t manage to spot the northern nights! this was a huge shame as we would have loved to catch some gorgeous shots and it would have added to the impressive experience. Never the less, I most definitely recommend Iceland as a city break and can imagine in ten years time it will be a major tourist attraction. The fabulous freelance trendy shops and the amazing day trips to see places of historic significance add up to create a great atmosphere, and the lack of ‘hustle and bustle’ helps Reykjavik become a place to explore and relax with countless things to do and see.

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