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Happy Independence Day!


The day began with a 5am wake up call testing out the PR system. Dub step at that time in the morning, anyone would think they were finishing a rave! Once we’d got back to sleep we were rudely (!) awaken by Parvesh who wanted us to go out and play. To his utter dismay answering the door in a sleeping bag wasn’t quite what he expected, he was quite disappointed to hear that we’d see him a little later! Later arrived in the form of one whole hour, and we were once again woken up, this time it was a genuine wake up call to see the rising of the Indian flag. We walked out of our door to see the flag already sky high, but we were greeted by one of the children singing a traditional Indian song, with some very high notes that I’m sure even the stray dogs could hear!

Once the ceremony had finished we joined a group of children on our veranda to be henna’d with Mehndi designs. Two hours later, one fatal disaster (Claire’s right arm), 5 arms, an Indian silhouette looking like an aeroplane and a mug of sugar water we were covered with beautiful designs courtesy of Ria.

The chef, who by the way we have won over, now regularly provides us with smiles and extra chapatis (especially for Stephen), had prepared an extra special Independence Day lunch! Safe to say the paneer curry went down a treat, as did the battered vegetables and ‘milk’ crisps …at least that’s what we’ve been told they were, but if we’re being honest they tasted more like prawn crackers! We left the food hall with food babies and stomach cramps, and a stone heavier!


As well as being Independence Day, today is also Snehalaya’s 25th birthday! Not every child celebrates their individual birthday so Snehalaya has this special day for everyone to celebrate with cake and fun performances. Speaking of performances, the children were in for a right treat! We had been preparing a cheesy four song medley consisting of Queen – We will rock you followed by Taylor Swift – Shake it off then S Club 7 – Reach for the stars finished with happy birthday. Out one and only rehearsal for our performance proved to be a success and we were ready to perform!

It was great to welcome Joyce to Snehalaya tonight, coming just in time to watch us perform our infamous song! We are looking forward to what she has in store for us over the next few weeks!

Time was drawing close to the birthday celebrations, we spruced up and took our front row seats to watch the children perform. We were last to take the stage to share our beautiful voices and we think it went down a hit! As the evening drew to a close the 5am PR testing was put to good use with a good old fashioned party, some crazy dancing and delicious cake. We may add that we had waited extremely patiently all day for the cake in particular (we were told 5pm – by then it was 10pm!) but, it did not disappoint! A fab end to the day filled with lots of dancing and laughter!

On a sad note we said goodbye to Su today as she gets up at 3am for her 7 hour drive back to Mumbai ready for her long flight home. We’ve had a fun 10 days, it’s been great having you with us.Have a safe flight home, we will miss you Sujan!

Team Indianuity!
Good night from us we wish you sweet dreams!
Didi Olivia and Didi Claire
Originally Posted HERE on 19th Aug 2015. 
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