Soccer at its Best!

Soccer at its best!

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Written by Sarah Humphreys


As the USA soccer coaching project with Soccer in the Streets starts drawing to a close, our volunteers have been challenged in more ways than one out in Atlanta – and not just because of the temperature! Being a good coach is not just about being able to describe and demonstrate technical skills and correct mistakes on the field; more importantly, it’s about working both with and for your team. On more than one occasion on the trip, our volunteers have encountered challenges in relation to communication and organisation – and not just with the participants. Rather, each other.

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Working effectively together as part of a new team has its challenges. Sometimes opinions differ on how to coach, what to coach, and the processes involved in achieving a set goal. On Saturday 11th June, our volunteers helped raise over $300 for Soccer in the Streets by running a charity car wash. Whilst all our guys worked hard for several hours cleaning cars, what was evident was how they lacked structure to the process of the simplest of tasks – aka cleaning a car! With some trying to shammy parts of the car that hadn’t been rinsed, then others hosing down parts that had been shammied – it was clear that communication and establishing a structure to their coaching for this week was going to be critical in order for their camps, and coaching, to be a success.
Therefore, talking things through with the coaches and highlighting the areas they needed to improve upon was very much needed.



So, did they take on board this constructive criticism and adapt? Absolutely. Being part of a team is about more than just reaching an end goal together – it’s about the journey, learning from each other along the way, and accepting each other’s differences in order to, collectively, be the best you can be. Our students have risen to the challenge of coaching out here in the USA, whilst forming friendships and bonds that will continue long after they return home.



Sunday 10th July – 23rd July  

USA volunteers – incoming to Leeds Beckett

Staff and students from Nazareth college are coming to support our summer school and local charities for 2 weeks.


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