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Varsity: What you need to know!


Yes it is that time of year again my friends. Golden leaves are falling and cold winds are rising as the sporting event of the year is upon us once again. The ultimate showdown, posh vs poly, Uni of vs Carnegie!


Anyway before I get too carried away, the battle for bragging rights is yet again on this week culminating in the 1st team Men’s Rugby Union final at Headingley stadium, where nearly the entire population of both universities will be present. Although this highlight is a must see and definitely worth the £16 (with after party) ticket; there is much more to varsity than the final.

As you may know if you compete in any sports at uni- Varsity encompasses the entirety of university sport.

Below are links to the Varsity fixtures and the Varsity website respectively to check the scores online as the competition gets into full swing.

And if you are around Leeds Wall at 7pm on the 04/10 there will be a rock climbing competition between ourselves and Uni of Leeds to kick off the festivities.





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