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Carnegie boys can, will & did!

On Superbowl Sunday, February 1st 2015, Leeds University met Leeds Beckett at West Park Rugby club for a Varsity match like no other. Both young teams had everything to fight for, but also everything to lose.

The sunshine made a pleasant appearance despite the cold temperature and it was encouraging to see all the fan support for the Carnegie team, as well as American football as a growing University sport.

Kick off got under way at 3pm when 12 minutes into the game Running Back Luke Campbell of Carnegie made a quick run for a touchdown that referees immediately announced disallowed for holding. The 1st quarter consisted of this attacking behaviour with the Celtics keeping their defence in a strong position. Unfortunately the 2nd quarter played a repeat of the 1st with yet again another disallowed touchdown by ballsy Campbell after 33 minutes of action. At this point, the Celtics were looking disheartened and lacking motivation which provided opportunity for the Carnegie team to further power through taking offensive possession and finishing with a 9-0 lead at half time.

I can hardly feel my feet when the 3rd quarter kicked off and I’m wishing I could exchange my beanie hat for a helmet to ‘play’ in the game and keep myself warm- although I doubt a group of growling guys would want me hanging out! So by 57 minutes, an eye-blinking catch and touchdown by Running Back Gene Lock helped spice up the mood, which set the scene for the remaining quarters including a clever interception by Defensive Back Tom Martens.

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Touchdown after touchdown brought the score sheet to 55-0 with Carnegie completely dominating the field and quite frankly embarrassing their opponents into a Varsity victory.  Talent, team spirit and aggression all contributed to Leeds Beckett’s win over Leeds University who lacked in all of those areas. Fist pumping and ‘man noises’ came shortly after the final whistle when all the squad huddled in together to celebrate their success.

It was a little disappointing that the Celtic team didn’t bring much challenge to  the game which took away the excitement that you usually feel when watching American football. But the Carnegie boys proved once again that they are Varsity Champion worthy, on a special Superbowl Sunday! Chicken wings anyone?



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