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7 Reasons to get into Uni sport

With freshers well underway I thought it best to sum up why it is such a good idea to get into sport this year at Leeds Beckett.

  1. It keeps you fit!


Ask any 2nd or 3rd year and they will tell you that if you let it, university will either put on or drop weight from you (usually whichever is worse for you). The regular games and training involved with university sport combats this by improving your cardiovascular and respiratory systems as well as increasing bone density and muscular strength; decreasing risk of musculoskeletal injuries.

  1.  You make friends for life.


There is a special bond that binds teammates together. Like comrades in battle you go through the highs and lows of your sport together, shedding blood, sweat and tears for the higher cause of your team. Teammates are mates for life.


  1. Pride in a sporting community and legacy.

Whether it be varsity or just the weekly Wednesday game by representing your university in the sporting arena you are continuing from the student athletes of the past, passing on their legacy and being a part of something bigger than “just 3 years at Uni”.


  1. The awesome rivalries.

Not much explanation here. There is no greater glory than competing against arch rivals on the field of play and celebrating with them afterwards the true essence of sportsmanship. Even if it is Uni of.


  1. The socials.

Depending on your drinking tolerance these maybe a mixture of trick and treat but regardless of whether you are a fan or not there is always a story to be told from socials. Many clubs now are making a big effort to provide more socials that involve more than getting completely wasted, which are just as fun.


  1. Believe it or not it can increase your grades.

This is not only for the sports science students but research indicates that regular exercise improve memory and cognition which could lead you to that elusive 1:0.


  1. It’s fun!

Believe it or not we sport is fun. By our nature we are active animals. Although we may get pleasure out of sitting on the sofa and binge watching Narcos on Netflix until 3am; the greatest dopamine and adrenaline surges in our bodies occur as the result of exercising.




So if you fancy being part of Carnegie sport this year come on down to the freshers fair at Headingley Campus on Wednesday the 21st of September to sign up.



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