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Student Media Committee Positions



It’s that time of the year again!

On Wednesday the 14th of May we will be holding elections for next years committee!

There are 10 positions up for grabs, all of which are exciting & worth while. If you want to gain experience and have a ruddy good time doing so, then being part of the student media is the best way to do this. You will make good friends and working relationships, while enhancing your CV (cliché we know) – but it really is the best experience you could possibly have!

To apply for a position simply send in your name and position you’re applying for to editor@leedsmetsu.co.uk

You will be expected to attend the elections event at 5PM on the 14th May – please prepare a 30 second to 1 minute speech detailing why you should be voted for the role. Bring your friends!

The Positions

Editor in chief 
The ‘head honcho’

This role is the leading role in Met Media. The skills to lead a team of enthusiastic student volunteers are essential. With the support of the Deputy Editor in Chief, you will make sure Met Media is kept alive and fresh. You will have the final say for all content.

You will work closely with The Media Co-ordinator and your elected VP Activities Officer – who will support and assist you in the running of the student media.

The entire committee will meet each week with you; you will all work as a team to produce articles, videos, and audio content.


Deputy Editor un Chief

Head honcho’s ‘side-kick’

As the second commander in charge, you will work very closely with the Editor in Chief, you will also be in charge should the Editor in Chief be absent.

There are lots of decisions to be made when it comes to running a media outlet, especially one that’s run by an award winning Student’s Union.

You will have an important and equal part to the Editor in Chief.


The Met Online

The go-to person for anything with words.

There are a lot of articles going up on the website on a weekly basis. Your role will involve getting regular student contributors.

As Editor, you will work closely with the Media Co-ordinator and Editor in Chief to form relationships with student writers. You will be the writer’s port of call for any problems they may have, or any requests/ideas they want to bring forward.

If you love writing, like the idea of working as part of the Met Media Committee and want to manage a team of writers, then this is the role for you.


Deputy Editor:

Your main role will be to assist the editor in their duties.

Check out the Editor’s job description above for a broader idea of what you’ll be doing.


Met TV

Station Manager:
Leader of cameras; director of awesomeness.

We have cool cameras and other equipment like… tripods. This person will oversee the production of all video content, will be willing to aid, direct and communicate with students that want to get involved with making video content for Met Media.

This role will need someone that is confident with most, if not all, video production aspects including editing videos, so as to lead by example to potential student volunteers that want to create visionary masterpieces!


Deputy Station Manager:

Your roles as deputy, will be to aid the station manager with all aspects of the TV station.

Check out the Station Managers’ job description above for a broader idea of what you’ll be doing.


Met Air

Station Manager:

Radio is your middle name

Over the previous year we have been setting up your very own student radio station. This is a great opportunity to continue all this hard work and really get the word out there.

A love for music, current affairs and technology is vital. You must be a committed person that can lead a dedicated team of students in the creation and strengthening of this exciting project.

Also the ability to see the bigger picture and to dream big is essential as we hope to have a live streaming station by the end of the academic year. Of course you will have the full support of the Editor in Chief, VP for Activities and the Media Coordinator and your partner in crime… the deputy station manager!

If you have the same excitement as we do for achieving a live radio station, then this is where you should start.


Deputy Station Manager:

If you have the same passion for radio as a station manager might have, and want to assist in the making of an awesome original radio station, then this role is definitely for you. Check the station manager position for more details (above).



Events Co-ordinator

There is a lot of organisation that goes into running a 3 tier media platform. The team will need a reliable individual that will work well with the rest of the team in providing social and co-operative events that will aid and promote all areas.

Social Media Co-ordinator

All companies have a better presence when social media is involved, so you can imagine how important it is for a student led media team to have a social media presence on the internet!

Your role will include the maintenance of twitter, Facebook, and anything else you think will get the students involved with our media platforms. Be creative.




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