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Mezz stood empty as protesters won the fight…



Tonight was not your average Thursday evening, it was impossible to ignore the large group of protesters storming towards Mezz nightclub. The protesters were campaigning against the club night ‘Tequila’ ran by Mezz, following the release of a promotional video which was seen to be promoting rape which has been written about in another article. See article.


Police officers were out in force to control the protesters, as they spoke out in anger. Homemade anti-‘Tequila’ banners filled the air as they were waved angrily in front of the night club. The protest consisted of people that claimed the video release was ‘disgusting’ and ‘glamorized the sexual objectification of women’.

Nightclub staff who still, despite the protesters, appeared to be trying to entice students into the club with free admission. This ridiculous act was their way to try and silence the protest, although this was obviously to no avail. Free entry cannot solve this problem and it is outrageous that they should think that it is the answer. How can they think that giving students free tickets will make their disgusting and victimising promotion video disappear?!

All in all, the protest worked! The the nightclub stood empty! This is a huge contrast to last Thursday’s ‘Tequila’ event where the streets were flocked with students still enjoying freshers. Maybe Mezz should think twice about how they promote their club, as this could possibly lead to the end of Tequila Thursday.

What’s your view on the protest? Do you feel the video was out of line to begin with, and should Mezz have reviewed it before it ever went up online?




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