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Horse meat?



I bet you’re very tired from reading the news telling you new updates on the horse meat scandal and it probably is one of the most debated and controversial stories that has completely shattered the meat production chains that provide us with meat and many supermarkets images. Some of you may remember that back last month around 16th January the media covered a series of shocking stories and uncovered that the food safety authority of Ireland found traces of horse DNA in our Beef burgers and some traces found in Pork as well, meat that was being shipped and transported to many well known supermarkets in most commonly ready meals like Lasagna and Spaghetti bolognese.

Now we all know what the result of this was, many supermarkets withdrew some frozen and ready meal products that came from certain providers or chains and the blame game started as to who’s fault this was. Many people were horrified at the fact the products we were buying as Beef  and Pork were in fact far from that, although some others were not so bothered by the revelation but what is it exactly that horrified us the most out of all this was it the fact we were eating actual traces of horse? Or is it the anger that the fact someone was providing us with false meat in a sense? Maybe despite the media frenzy people are overlooking the factor that there still is proper meat still on our market shelves and in our freezers at home that are what they claim to be. This was endlessly claimed that it was a mistake however there seems to be to much DNA found in beef and pork produce for this to be called a mistake, Scientists are saying that horse meat has no bad results on humans and is close to Beef which is why no one tasted the difference, not condoning eating horse however the point is that meat quality should be tested vigorously and this problematic revelation has shown that food standards need to be looked over again and an increase inspections would avoid situations like this.

So where is it going from here? No one is really sure how thing’s are going to change from now, supermarkets are still taking down shelves and shelves of products that are apparently contaminated or could be from the chain supplier and the news is updating us every second- but the question is how is this going to end? I think it’s fair to say that of late people are becoming tired of the endless horse meat scandal stories all saying roughly the same thing, it potentially will take a long time to make sure that the ‘Beef’ and ‘Pork’ standard will go back to being horse DNA free and maybe it will take some people a long time to accustom to trusting to buy pork and beef again if they were previously off put but we will have to see how it goes.


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