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Gender Inequality in 21st Century



Inequality, we’ve all heard of it or even seen it happen in person, this can vary from social inequality to economic inequality and everything in between.
Focusing on gender inequality specifically is a constant problem facing the 21st century in many countries worldwide surprisingly, gender inequality usually results in many of the following: being treated differently because you’re male/female, legal discrimination, losing out on human rights that should be available to everyone,violence, loss of citizenship and restriction of freedom.

Gender equality is something that everyone should express and receive but sadly around the world specifically women and girls face a mass of gender inequality even in today’s day and age, woman and girls face a persistent hardship even as were moving forward into advancements of the modern world.

Atrocities like gender based violence or economic differences are still prevalent, even today’s slang language and many swear words are most commonly associated with female body parts or female associated words but are used in a derogatory or offensive manor and the stigma that males earn more in wages than women is a truth in many occupations. Sadly these gender inequalities also stem to girls and woman worldwide being forced into strenuous labour and sex trafficking , brothels or porn against their will or face gender based violence where they will be beaten, raped and abused because they are female and a good example of this, is the latest  of gender based rapes that have been highlighting the issue in India of late, one of the major assaults that was splashed across the media worldwide was the gang rape of a 23 year old female student by 6 males on a Delhi bus, the 6 males also beat and assaulted her male companion.

Women and girls in some countries around the globe sometimes find it hard to gain access to healthcare and education, sometimes people have the view that it is pointless to send a girl to school and they should stay at home. Lately you may have read in the news a story of a young 15 year old Pakistani school girl who protested against the terrorist forces enforcing closures of female schools in Pakistan who was injured in the head and was taken to a military hospital in Peshawar and later to Britain to have surgery. Further to this, in some countries women’s contraceptives are hard to gain and are sometimes forbidden, or there is a high risk of female infanticide because of this many women get infections, diseases and take illegal unsafe abortion methods.

Gender equality takes the co-operation of males as well as females to make a difference, the world has slowly improved on the inequality issue however it is still very dominant in some parts globally and hopefully in next few years will be addressed.

If this story affects you, or you feel yourself in a situation that you would like to talk about we have Vice President of Welfare Mia Tamarin and Women’s Officer Paula Smith both able to chat. Both can be contacted through the Student Union.

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