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Asdas £50 free give away, no strings attached



It has become apparent that numerous students have come across a mysterious promotion code that allows you to get £50 off when you shop at Asda online.

The only thing you have to fork out for is the delivery charge; this is a student’s dream come true – a whole weeks shop for practically nothing! When an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is. After shopping online and using this code, several sources have indeed received this incredible discount off their online shop. Instead of paying £50.00 for their basket full of goodies, they only had to pay £5.00 for delivery.  Surely this must be an error in Asdas technical system. A good error for us, not so good for Asda… It has been recognised that Asda may have temporarily shut down their online ordering system for maintenance. Does this mean that they have acknowledged this mysterious promotional leak?!


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