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When the Night comes… DOGTOWN



“When the Night Comes…” is every music loving student’s guide to some of the coolest clubnights around Leeds! Written as a collaboration between The Met Online’s Music writers, letting people who like good music know that there are an abundance of options rather than Oceana! No longer shall the students of Leeds settle for the mediocre mainstream…


Where: Wire

Date: Tuesday 25th of September 2012

As we all know ‘California knows how to party’, so on Tuesday the 25th of September  we will be travelling over to the West Coast  for Wire’s launch of it’s fresh new night DOGTOWN. With no musical stone being left unturned DOGTOWN will be taking us back for a 60’s road trip with The Beach Boys and The Doors, to Long Beach with Snoop Dogg and exploring the West Coast’s vibrant emerging music scene with bands like Ariel Pink Haunted Graffiti and Girls. Playing the best of Surf, West Coast Hip Hop, Psychedelic, Lo-Fi, & Rock, DOGTOWN is the Anti-Christ of the Fresher’s Foam Party.

DOGTOWN is teaming up with some of the most talented skate boarders in Leeds to produce films which are to be shown throughout the night. Stay Glued to their Facebook page as on the day of the event free hand dyed T-Shirts will be given out in an as yet unidentified secret location. DOGTOWN will be starting on Tuesday 25th of September and then continuing every last Wednesday of the month. Wire will also  be offering Great drinks prices; £2 Kronenburgh , £2 Vodka Mixer and £2.50 for a Jaeger Bomb. Admissions before 11.30 will be £2 and after will be £4(£3 NUS)

With the promise of cheap drinks, super fine company and hella sick West Coast beats DOGTOWN is a must!



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