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Video Advent Calendar #19



I have chosen a theme for my advent calendar windows. It is ‘Inspiration’. I will choose a selection of videos that have changed me and galvanized me towards success and diligence. Remember that discipline and habit go hand in hand with success so don’t skip on the revision. Whilst this advent we think of jetting back home for a well deserved break we should also consider our exams and the Christian principles of diligence, hard work and differed gratification. So if you need a motivational boost this advent watch my videos and perhaps you can muster that final push toward exams.

This video is as inspirational as it is moving. I challenge you to do something I could not. Watch the video and attempt not to cry. The video puts into perspective the fine line between life and death and how important it is to live and be the person you want to be. I don’t want to spoil it but here is the video:



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