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Sheridan Smith Bullied by the Press

Sheridan Smith Bullied by the Press

Written by Shalikah Walters-Watson

Sheridan Smith has been rising to the Top in these last few years, becoming one of the best British actresses in the television and film industry. She’s been cast in some of Britain’s greatest Television dramas as well as some of the most popular west-end hit musicals. Her charming personality, humour and humbleness has inspired me to keep performing and she’s been a huge inspiration to many other working-class actors in England. However, Like many celebrity rises in the media, there usually is a fall and by the way the media and members of the public on twitter have attacked her lately, they have definitely been asking for a fall from her.

Actress, Sheridan Smith has been working for years constantly without a break in order to achieve amazing performances and she recently pulled out of her role in the west-end production of Funny Girl due to exhaustion after overworking herself after having a rough year losing her father to cancer. She was unable to perform successfully 3 nights in a row before officially taking a break from the show to rest. Although this happens in theatre all the time and there is always an understudy in West End productions, critics attacked her through the press and social media calling un unprofessional and giving her abuse for not being fit enough to perform her role. People on Twitter have been extremely insensitive towards the star during this tough time for her and she has been forced to apologise, at times fight back and also express how unwell and distressed she is to fans on social media.

On top of her exhaustion and problems during the Funny Girl show, she also missed out on the best actress and best drama award for her role in the C-Word at the BAFTAS. C-Word was a show that portrayed a terminally ill cancer blogger called Lisa Lynch. Sheridan worked really closely with Lisa Lynch’s family on the project and so felt really connected to the show. In response to Sheridan Smith’s disappointment after not winning the awards she was nominated for at the BAFTAs,  was caught on camera, critics again bullied her by calling her names online without realising that the only reason she was so disappointed to win her award was simply because she really wanted to win an award for the remembrance of Lisa Lynch.

After a long month of fighting off critics, press and social media trolls she tweeted “Sorry! Sorry I’m not strong enough” and announced that she is having a one month leave from work and leaving the country.

Sheridan Smith has been treated horrifically by the media and people in the industry and through all of this she has looked very alone. She is one of our best actresses and she clearly puts her heart and soul into theatre and film. Throughout all of this, she still had the support of loyal fans who adore her and many people like myself wish her all well and hope to see her back in the business soon.




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