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Kind heart and a giving soul: UNICEF & Orphanages for Africa organisations.

There are many charities and people all over the world that spend there time dedicated to helping others. So what does it mean to be charitable? Well charity can come in different shapes and forms, simply a donation would suffice some but other forms such as humanitarian aid, missionaries, fundraising and raising awareness are all ways of contributing to  any given charity and it can be done by anyone, anywhere.

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There is a vast array of humanitarian charity organisations all over the world that continually provide essential relief to those who are in need, these charities provide the needed supplies such as water and food as well as hope to many impoverished people and communities that are finding it difficult to continue a normal stable life or have been sadly pushed into those circumstances by altering factors such as a loss of parents and no other family around forces a child to sadly become a orphan.

One of the most widely spread charities worldwide is UNICEF, a children’s organisation who works with families and communities in more than 190 countries to protect children all around the globe. The organisation is based in the UK but provides the needed care and support to children all around the world, making their lives more enjoyable and helping them to sustain a healthy life so that they can grow into healthy adults in the future without complications.

UNICEF is based upon the UN Convention On the rights of the child which allows children to be free from exploitation, violent behaviour and abuse whether that be verbally, mentally, physically or emotionally.  Through this knowledge and understanding of the situation impoverished people are unfortunately placed in, they provide key medical and educational facilities and opportunities that may not be offered to them in other circumstances,  UNICEF believe that every child should have a decent and best possible start in life and they aim to build secure places around the world to nurture and protect them.

UNICEF are also the world largest distributor of vaccines in the developing world, They supply around about 36% to children in a variety of 190 countries. They have also set up various campaigns globally such as Unite for Children & Unite against AIDS, these campaigns were set up after the understanding that children can contract HIV and AIDS more quickly than others and are more susceptible,  as well as campaigning against these troublesome issues UNICEF also encourage Governments to make amendments to create better facilities for healthcare or education, provided with this UNICEF train individuals to become knowledgeable healthcare officials and provide the children in the area with clean and safe drinking water and essential foods.

However UNICEF cover a broad range of issues and try to tackle them in the most substantial way possible, issues such as International aid, Child poverty, Climate change and Water and Sanitation can be particularly hard but with worldwide help and support from people like you it gives them the incentive and equipment they need to beat these problems that haunt many world wide.

UNICEF is a often overlooked charity as well as many others but they have made some astonishing achievements and improved the lives of many children around the world thanks to the help and support given by many people. UNICEF does not get any budget from the UN, their organisation is totally funded from voluntary donations or volunteers, there rapidly in need of more support even just a small donation helps greatly and voluntarily involvement is warmly appreciated. You can help UNICEF by logging onto their website and gaining more information that can be passed on and effectively raise much needed awareness.

Another often overshadowed charity organisation is Orphanages for Africa (OFA), this charity is  an international humanitarian and development based organisation which supports and cares for many abused or lonesome children. Orphanages for Africa are partners with many churches, communities and families  in the surrounding areas who all work towards the goal of providing these children with a more hospitable life and giving them the care and love that they need. They are currently partners with 5 organisations throughout Africa including Sierra Leone, Uganada, Zambia, Uganda and Zimbabwe working together to create a much more vast and stronger support system for the orphans in need of care and support. They offer a vast range of support and care options from small grants to provide food and clothing to families, Child sponsorship, improvements in Education and also Micro- Enterprise where by they encourage development in entrepreneurial skills and allow them to develop financial independence.

Without these charities many lives around the world would not be the same, situations would be more intense and more of the population would be below the poverty line and struggling just to hold on to life itself, but with these inspirational people dedicated to helping those in need lives are changing rapidly and a world where everyone is equal, supported and cared for is a optimistic view for the future.

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