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TV This Week: Britain’s Got Talent


This years judges include comedian David Walliams and Alesha Dixon


Series six of Britain’s Got Talent is upon us, with another change of judges. This year features popular comedian David Walliams, alongside 2007 winner and former judge of Strictly Come Dancing, Alesha Dixon.

If for some reason you have avoided watching Britain’s Got Talent for the entirety of its five year run, this is how it works…..

Hosted by the hilarious Ant and Dec, various acts ranging from dancers to dog acts take to the stage to impress the panel of judges (but only after a couple of sob stories and some emotional music…). After each performance the judges give feedback and vote on whether or not the act gets through to the next round. Simple. Each judge has a buzzer in front of them they press if they want to stop the act. If all four buzzers are pressed the act must end… Got it?

The addition of David Walliams, gives the show the energy and drive it has been lacking. He and Simon Cowell, have a surprising amount chemistry and their comedic banter is without doubt the highlight of the programme.

Contestant Mr Zip got through to the next round with votes from all four judges

In a ratings war with BBC1 rival show The Voice, Simon Cowell’s show is proving to be the loser. In a bid not to lose viewers on a Saturday night, Britain’s Got Talent has now moved to a later time to avoid a clash. However despite the change in schedule, Britain’s Got Talent peaked at 10.6 million viewers, whereas the The Voice had a high of 11.6 million.

This begs the question, are audiences getting bored of the predictability of Britain’s Got Talent? The Voice (which incidentally seems to have the support of the whole of Twitter, possibly an additional reason to it’s success is the buzz surrounding the show), offers a fresh alternative to the ridicule of the deluded acts featured on BGT. The format has become stale over the years and audiences have lost interest in seeing the same sort of acts every year. Having said that, Mr Zip performing ‘Where me keys? Where me phone?’ has almost three million hits on YouTube, so maybe there is still some hope for Mr. Cowell…..

Britain’s Got Talent gets 3 stars, bumped up from 2 simply due to the comedy value of David Walliams constantly stealing Simon Cowell’s thunder and the ever loveable duo, Ant and Dec.

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