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Top 5 Things for Students to do in Summer

Top 5 Things for Students to do in the Summer Holidays

Written by Ateeqa Riaz

It is that time of year again where the library is crowded and everyone around you is tearing their hair out because of deadlines and revision. On the bright side, this means that summer is approaching! Most students are hoping to enjoy a uni-free zone and relax in the sun. However, let’s face it, it is only a matter of time before you will get bored of doing nothing. So you might as well do something productive and active. Here are some ideas for you to think about:


1. Find a job

It is hard to find a job but not impossible. This is an excellent way to earn some money to save up, to treat yourself, for a holiday or maybe for fresher’s week. The best way to get started is to work on your CV first. There are plenty of great websites to find a job, such as Indeed, Reed, Total jobs et cetera. If you are looking for a particular role such as in retail, it is best to look on the retailer’s website independently and apply from there. If you are staying at your current accommodation and not going home, make sure to check the University’s website for jobs. It is going to be hard working while others may be enjoying themselves in the sun, but it will be worth it come payday!

2. Gain work experience/internship

The best way to help yourself for your future is to try and gain as much of work experience as possible! Try to brainstorm few ideas of what you are interested in and what you hope to gain out of it. You will need to put the same effort you do in your uni research to find an internship or work experience. It is important to research daily online or by calling the companies up individually. Getting experience whether it is paid or unpaid is very valuable as most employers look for experience when they are seeking to hire. Experience gives you a taste of the field you are studying or hope to work in. It will help you decide if this is the right path you want to take or not. It may help you grasp the reality of what you studied in the classroom. You will gain a lot of new skills and put them into practice. You may be missing seminars or turning up late, waking up and sleeping at crazy o clock at the moment. However, once you start your internship, you will learn to fall into the pattern of being organised, punctual, motivated and goal oriented. One of the best things about internships is that you will make many contacts which will help build up your network for future reference.

3. Volunteer

One of the best things one can do is to help another without expecting anything back. Volunteering is a very rewarding role as you are making an impact on someone’s life, you are bringing the community together and restoring faith in humanity. There are always plenty of charities in need of volunteers to help them out. It is always a good idea to ask your local food bank, homeless shelter, hospice fundraising or even the citizen’s advice bureau. In return, you will learn a lot about yourself, your community, meet new people and gain new skills.

4. Find a new hobby

Rather than sitting around doing nothing, you may as well take up a new hobby. The best way to do that is to ask yourself what you like or what have you always wanted to do but never had the chance to do. It may be to learn to play an instrument, take up reading, photography, new sport, arts et cetera. In addition to your new found hobby, you will meet new people, gain confidence and learn new skills. Having a hobby will make you more active and less likely to waste time being unproductive.

5. Teach English abroad

Whether you have any experience of teaching or working with pupils, does not matter. It is desirable to have experience for some recruiters but not all. Research online on programs and see which one suits you best. Most universities have volunteering abroad programs, so make sure to check with your Uni. Teaching abroad will give you an insight to different cultures, from food to language and traditions. You will make new friends who may become your future travel buddies. This opportunity will give you the chance to travel and see new places. Some people might experience culture shock, homesickness and be out of their comfort zones for a while. However, this will teach you a great deal about yourself, your abilities, your strengths and at the end you will be grateful for this incredible journey.


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