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The overtaking of social media



Throughout the years people have used social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, to openly discuss the importance of everyday activities and debates within the community, this tends to revolve around things such as the price of fuel to the daily news. It could be suggested the amount of people who relay on twitter for rants and terrible TV suggestions has plummeted and the excitement one receives after getting over three re-tweets is enough to brighten ones day.

Do you know the average amount of times people in England pick their phone up to scroll down twitter news feeds? Nah, me neither but I can guarantee you’re about to do it right now.


Do you have that one friend who spends approx 20 minutes writing and then re-writing a witty tweet? In an attempt to become king/queen of banter overnight by hoping someone who is ‘twitter famous’ (AKA someone who has around a billion followers and fishes for favourites) will laugh uncontrollably at it and maybe just maybe if God is on your side will re-tweet and make all your dreams come true.

I know a few people who are partial to this and if you don’t then has it crossed your mind that it could in fact be you? Wow. Guilty as charged. It is not necessarily a bad thing, and it could be conceived that tweeting is another way of ‘blogging’ which is more or less all about gathering and focusing energy on a certain topic and discussing and ranting on to who ever shall listen.

Stand at the bus station and look around. Out of the cross selection of the public that you see, does more or less everyone have their mobile phone to hand? what are they actually doing? working and doing something of importance or scrolling on Facebook? that is the question.

I was once staying at a very posh hotel and I picked up on a large man in a suit. He looked very rich and business associated, as I sipped on my Pinot Grigio, I decided to be the nosy bu**er that I am and walk behind him to check it out. Instead of doing something related to business or housing rentals he was in fact on Facebook! To be honest I was not that surprised.

The world is  consumed with people who couldn’t go a day without knowing what’s new on their Facebook news-feed and wouldn’t know what to do with themselves if social media suddenly blew up into a thousand pieces.

Open your mind to human interaction. Talk to the person sat next to you. Get lost in a book. Easier said than done right?

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