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Sowing the seeds of success at Leeds Beckett

A new project to encourage students to grow their own herbs and vegetables has been launched by a Leeds Beckett University marketing student.

by Carrie Braithwaite


First year BA (Hons) Marketing and Advertising Management student Rosie Scott set up Ready Sow Grow (www.readysowgrow.co.uk) after attending a leadership training course at Leeds Beckett’s Students’ Union.

Rosie explained: “On the course, we had to come up with an idea and Ready Sow Grow was something I came up with there and then, which has just developed.  I lived and travelled around New Zealand a couple of years ago and stayed with kiwi families who influenced me. A majority of kiwis who I met had a genuine care for the environment and lots had their own veggie gardens. Also, when I was younger and lived at home, my mum had her own allotment and was constantly growing organic fruit and vegetables. They tasted much better compared to supermarkets!”

The aim of Ready Sow Grow is to promote independent growth, which Rosie sees as a reflection of university life.  Her website was created with the help of web developer, Andrew Tanner, and student volunteers have also helped in getting the project started.

Students are now invited to sign up in order to claim a free starter kit. The starter kits will then be available to be collected from the University’s city campus Students’ Union from Tuesday 23 February onwards. Once students have the kit, they can log back into the website to source tips and links to help them to grow their own produce.

All starter kits include:

  • A pair of latex gloves – “If people don’t want to get their hands dirty.”
  • Seed trays – for seed growth
  • Seed labels – so they know what they planted
  • Small pack of compost – to get them going
  • Herb seeds: basil, chives, rosemary and thyme OR veggies: lettuce, carrot seeds and onion bulbs.

The outdoor kits come in a brown paper bag (to recycle after use) and the indoor kits come with an eight litre fabric, biodegradable pot.

Rosie said: “With students living in a variety of types of accommodation, from halls to shared houses and living at home, they have the option of growing either indoors or outdoors. I wanted to provide some variety. Herbs are pretty good to have all year round and, in particular, add delicious flavours to homemade food such as pasta sauce dishes. The herb packs come with basil, chives, rosemary and thyme. Veggies are another option and they include onion bulbs, carrot seeds and lettuce which are probably the most versatile veggies in my opinion.”

Rosie added: “The kits are just to get students set up and then they can venture into buying more equipment themselves once the herbs and vegetables are ready to transfer to the ground or pot.”

Rosie is a mature student who, prior to starting her course at Leeds Beckett, worked as an Account Executive for an agency creating packaging artwork for companies such as Aldi and Asda. Her ambition for the future is to run her own business.

You can find Ready Sow Grow on Twitter at @Ready_Sow_Grow and on Facebook.

Leeds Beckett Students’ Union Volunteering Team will next be running its project leadership training, which Rosie attended, on Thursday 25 February, from 3-6pm, at the city campus Calverley Building, room 310. For more information about the training or about running your own student project, please contact the team at volunteering@leedsbeckettsu.co.uk 

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