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Free App of the Week: TubeMap



Lots of us will be visiting London this summer. This week I have an app which will be essential during your visit to our much loved capital. And unlike a lot of apps out there, it is compatible on all the major phone softwares (links are available at the bottom of the page).

TubeMap is an app you don’t want to miss out on, and there is no excuse for not having this top rated, intuitive, well designed map for getting you around the busy, wind gushing tunnels underneath London.

With the Olympics coming up, it’s going to be hectic on the tubes. Although I’m sure Boris will be fine getting to the stadiums on his bike!

The design team at mxData Ltd have done a fantastic job. The app is easy to use, even for for people new to smartphones, and makes full use of the latest touch screen & GPS technology.


The app is currently capable of the following features:

  • It gives the user an A to B Route Planner.
  • LIVE line information when in network coverage.
  • Details of stations which support Oyster PAYG services.
  • The ability to find any station on the tube network, all set out on the familiar official licensed Tube map from Transport for London.
CEO of mxData Ltd, David James, told me:

“We are very proud of our app but continue to look for ways to improve this already invaluable London Underground travel tool.”

He went on to tell me some of the truly spectacularly useful updates that will be coming soon.

“Our next release will bring about two significant enhancements, LIVE routing, which will enable the app to re route your journey so as to avoid any delays or line closures on the tube network and notification, which enables the user to set up to receive specific travel alerts based on their weekly tube travel plans.”

I know that, for myself, a tube map that takes details such as line closures into consideration, will be a very handy tool indeed. And this will be on top of how handy a tool it already is.

With twitter integration and landscape view, the team have thought of everything to stop you throwing away another app.

We must not forget, however, how invaluable Harry Beck’s underground map design has been since he designed it in 1933. But times move on, technology advances, humans want things to happen instantly, and mxData Ltd have got us covered on the underground.


TubeMap gets a brilliant 5 out of 5 roses from me, and a British hand shake from us all. In the words of David James:

“Sometimes the best things in life are FREE!”

Download links:

iTunes App Store (iPhone/iPod Touch & iPad compatible)

Google play

Blackberry App World

Windows Phone Marketplace

Nokia Ovi Store

And if you want any more info, you can visit the TubeMap website.




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