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Free App of the Week: Temple Run




This week I’ve got a game that will draw in the Indiana Jones fans. Before you jump to conclusions, this game is available on Android and iOS.

With smooth 3D graphics, short game times, and annoying repetitive music, you guessed it, it’s another one of those ‘annoyingly addictive’ games that take over your train journeys.

Despite this, Temple Run is actually one of the better ‘annoyingly addictive’ games.

The aim is to run away from these weird looking monkey creatures, for as long as possible! With obstacles such as trees and gaps slowing you down and giving you a higher risk of being caught!

The monkey creatures are angry because you have just stolen a golden idol from a big Indiana Jones style cave!


“Temple run is possibly the most addictive game on the App Store. I’ve found myself playing it in lectures and even dreaming about it, I’m truly an addict – This game should come with a health warning!” – Alex King


The simple touch screen gestures and tilt screen action allows you to really feel like you’re a bigger part of the action. Swiping up allows you to jump over obstacles, while swiping down will slide you underneath obstacles! Tilting the phone left and right will move your chosen character to either side to collect coins and avoid gaps in your path.

Coins? Yes! Coins are a very important part of gaming. Thanks to Mario and his pals, we’ve become accustomed to collecting coins and finding it oddly satisfying.

In Temple Run, you collect coins to pay for unlocks and upgrades such as speed boost and invincibility power-ups!

So even though the game can get repetitive, it has a Tiny Wings style objective to it. The objectives, which combine nicely with Game Centre in iOS, give you a different, easy or challenging task to complete. So sometimes getting the most coins isn’t always the best option! When you complete tasks, your overall score multiplayer increases!

Usually for these types of games I would give it a 3 rose rating! But Temple Run comes slightly higher in my opinion. I want to come back to it more than I would usually do with repetitive, simple controlled games. So I’m giving this week’s Free App of the Week…. 4 roses!



Download link: Temple Run on the iTunes App Store (link)

Download link: Temple Run on Google Play for Android (link)


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