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Free App of the Week: Slide ►


Free apps are back! I’ve had some time off and now I’m back and full of free apps. They’re building up inside me like an apple tree. Check TheMet online every Monday to get your dose of happiness.

Lets get started.

This week I’ve been trying out strategy games, utility apps, and….’My Horse’. As much as I am enjoying the horse game, I decided on something much more spectacular.

You know when you unlock the iPhone, you get that satisfying slide action, accompanied by the delightful noise that Apple has so kindly buried into the back of our heads?

Well now there is a game that is basically just that, but with background music!

Slide ►, is an annoyingly addictive game that was bound to win over iPhone users instantly. With different game modes that allow you to slide from left to right or right to left, you will keep going till eventually the sliding and unlocking gets too much for you and the whole screen fills up; resulting in a game over.

The designer of this game, The Falco Initiative, decided to include Game Center compatibility. This allows you and I to have even more fun unlocking our screen by gaining achievements.

Is that it Erik?

NO! That is not it my dearest reader. The game even has an extra option that allows you to upgrade the colour of the sliders to gold. However, this option will cost you 69p, and I’m not entirely sure it would make any difference to your gameplay. But maybe some people don’t mind paying for it. A sort of thank you for being given the opportunity to unlock their iPhone for free without having to press the lock button on the top of their device? Oh, and it takes the adverts away.

Anyway, it is a stupid game but I hope you have fun with it!

I’m giving the game a 3 roses for it’s addictiveness, slidyness*, and its background music. Have fun!



Download link: Slide ► on the iTunes App Store (link)


*not actually a real word.

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