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Free App of the Week: Oldify




This weeks app is a quirky, easy to use, camera app that makes you look old! Ever wondered what you would look like in 40 years time? Be prepared! You will be portrayed with a slightly more worn down look on the app than you might do in real life.

Oldify is of course a free download but unfortunately only available on iOS for now. The makers, Apptly LLC, are also the proud makers of the increasingly popular Fatify and Baldify apps.

All three of the apps have a similar layout that you will easily pick up should you want to quickly age your girlfriend a good few years.

You may have seen a few apps like this before, hanging around in the App Store. What makes this one better, and ‘Top Free’ chart worthy, is its social network integration, quick-flow menu, and most freakishly; it’s ability to make your photo move!

Once your photo is taken and ‘aged’, Oldify will make your photo a moving monstrosity that has the ability to show your sneezing hubby at the age of 60 onwards!


The social side of the app allows you to share your photos and videos with the facebook and Twitter world.

You will get sick of this app. But you will also come back to it whenever you see a new face that looks too beautiful and young.

I’m giving this app a bang tidy 4 roses.




Download links:

Oldify on the iTunes App Store (link)



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