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Free App of the Week: Dropbox



This week I’m going to tell you about a more practical app that I hope you won’t be deleting after a few uses.

Many of you may already use Dropbox on your PC or Mac. It is quite simply a file sharing service; one of those hard drives in the sky; a possible comparative to Apple’s iCloud.


It’s highly compatible!


Fortunately, the makers of this handy utility know where the future lies. Everyone is using mobile devices, be that an iPad running iOS or a Galaxy Tab running Android.

With the large variety of devices using different cables, different computer software and all having their various compatibility issues, Dropbox has allowed all of us to unite together in one big user friendly app.

Dropbox have catered for the likes of iPad, iPhone, Android devices and even the now lesser popular (as far as developers are concerned) Blackberry. This means you can have one of every device and access the same photos, videos, and documents that you’ve uploaded, on any of the devices. I will put the links for the individual devices at the end of this article.



It’s easy to use!


When you first download one of the mobile apps, you will be given a nice little tutorial on the basics. And let me tell you now, it is basic! So you will not be left confused and be-dazzled as to how to get your photos from your phones camera to your dropbox folder.


Plenty of space!


Now your probably wondering what sort of space you get? Well with the free account, you start off with a nice 2GB, which can be increased all the way up to 18GB by referring people (500MB a head). So basically you get plenty of space for keeping all your important documents and important uni work etc.

I have got mine up to 4.5GB without even trying! So space is not usually an issue. However if it is a problem, there are upgrade packages that go up to 100GB, but obviously this comes at a price!

Easily share your files!


Another handy thing to note about Dropbox, is the ability to share a folder with people, without them having to sign up! So if you have a photo you quickly need to share with your mother, but you an’t be bothered with the 30 minute long phone call trying to get her on dropbox, then you can simply create a link for any of your folders and share it with whom ever you please.


It’s secure!


A lot of people have asked me if dropbox is secure? Do I still own the files that I upload or have they now become the property of Dropbox Inc.?

Well you can rest assured in the knowledge that it is completely safe and secure! All your files are still yours! And Dropbox are not allowed to look at any of your files. And if you’re still unsure about this, you can read their handy legal stuff here (link).


Get it now!


I won’t blabber on any longer as there isn’t really much more to say. Other than, sign up now, download the app, and start saving your files in Dropbox!

I’m rating this app an impressive 5 roses! It’s an app that people shouldn’t be without.








Sign up for free on the Dropbox website

Dropbox Video

(all links below are for accessing the app via your mobile device)

iPhone Dropbox download link

iPad Dropbox download link

Android Dropbox download link

Blackberry Dropbox download link 





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