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Free App of the Week: BBC News


As a student studying Photographic Journalism, I’m constantly keeping up with the latest news. I use twitter, @snoopedselby, to follow what’s going on locally. I use facebook to share the news and interesting articles I find and/or write.

Amongst the usual social networks, I make full use of the free apps available to me on my super fast smartphone!

So this week I’m urging you all to get social! Start downloading news apps, bookmarking websites, and ‘following’ local tweeters. To get you started, here is a very well designed, simple, yet effective app from BBC.

BBC News app is an essential start to your journalistic ways, and your way out of awkward ‘Joey situations’.


How is this any better than the other news apps?

What I’m doing here, is providing you with the ‘Mario’ of news apps. The all rounder, the intuitive, the easy to use news app, from a trusted (usually) news source.

The app allows you to customise which categories of the the BBC news you would like to see when you open it up. For example, I have the Entertainment & Arts, Technology, and UK news on my main page. Of course, you can still access all the other news as well!


There is also a handy feature which allows you to watch the BBC’s live news channel. Although I would recommend doing this over a wi-fi connection!


What else is there?

There are loads of apps, dare I say hundreds, that will accommodate your need to stuff information into your brain. It entirely depends on what you’re interested in.

For myself I have a collection of apps ranging from gadgets to world news. These include, Engadget, IMDb, Sky News, The Guardian, Pulse, and many more.

I’ll leave you to go and explore the ever increasing world of news and information on your smartphones. And I’ll put the link to the BBC News app at the bottom.



If I’m rating this app with our usual roses point system… then it’s got to be 4 roses!



Download link:  BBC News on the iTunes App Store (link)

Download link: BBC News on Google Play (link)


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